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Medical Imaging Diagnostic Services

HNZ X-Ray services is comprehensive, portable diagnostic imaging provider serving the area of Tampoi, Tebrau, Larkin and Kempas. Our goal is to provide our patients with superior diagnostic imaging services in a caring, safe and convenient way.

Medical Equipment Supplies

We are expected to be competent distributor for wide range of medical equipment. Our vision is to be the partner and solution to healthcare providers, which allow them to deliver the highest quality healthcare by obtaining the latest and most cost-effective supplies.

Occupational Safety Consultant

Safety in the workplace is critical to the success of running a business, no matter what size is it. We have certain rights & responsibilites regarding safety & health in our workplace, yet we must ensure that our business doesn't create health & safety problems for our customers and the general public.

Chemical Health Risk Assesement (CHRA)

-To identify all possible chemical health hazard at the workplace.
-To identify jobs & tasks with potential
exposure to chemical health hazards.
-To review & assess the effectiveness of existing control measure.
-To recommend suitable measures for
unacceptable risk. (Use and Standards of Exposure Chemicals of Hazardous
to Health) Regulation 2000 (USECHH 2000)

Occupational Health Doctor (OHD)

These services include medical screening (detection of dysfunction or desease before 0n employee would ordinary seek medical care) and medical surveillance (analysis health information to identify workplace problem that require targeted prevention). Such services can transform acute care & routine screening activities into oopurtunites for primary prevention when they are integrated into the broader framework of work site safety & health program.

Audiometry test

Audiometry is a screening techniques used to detect early damage to hearing resulting from exposure to noise. Identifying any damage allows appropriate follow-up remedical action in the workplace and any necessary medical refferal of the individual.


-Illness Treatment
-Custom Medical Examination

RAPID Petronas

-Approved Medical Examinars (AME)
-Medical Review Officer (MRO)
-Occupational Health Doctor (OHD)

OSHA Audit Facillities

-Compliance Audit
-OSH Management Audit
-Technical Audit

OSHA Training

-First Aider Training
-Fire Fighting Training
-Safety at workplace Training

The company
History & Operation

Our Vision

To excel in public and industrial health sector mainly Occupation Consultancy and services.

The company was incorporated in 2005. Within 15 years of operation, HNZ Medicare Services Sdn. Bhd. had expand its business units into few others. Apart from providing Clinical Services, the company also supplies Medical Equipment, Safety Consultancy and Imaging Diagnostic (x-ray) services.

The company firmly believes in mutual success, prosperity and continuos growth trough partnership, with its consultants, customers, supplies, employees and shareholders. With more than 20 years involvement in medical and industrial health, the company knows what's best for the people.

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